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Luxury Cutlery Inserts and Accessories for Drawer Interiors

We can provide a complete fit-out of your inner drawers with a range of made-to-fit drawer inserts, cutlery trays and suited accessories. Essetre also offer fitted accessories to complement their range of drawer inserts – from stainless steel cutlery to cast iron pots and more.

The Essetre range includes:

  • The Gourmet-Line: Crafted from the finest beechwood timber, complete with accessories of the highest quality.
  • The Easy-Line: Quality timber cutlery trays that can be equipped with a series of removable inserts, designed for supreme convenience.
  • The Sky-Line: The ultimate aid in arranging kitchen utensils for supreme ease of use.
  • The Evolution Series: A range of integrated bins and cleaning storage racks for your under-sink drawers.


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